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Emily Warren Bio

Emily Warren, M.S.E.S., M.P.A.

Associate Director

Emily R. Warren is the Associate Director of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment and since 2003, she has served as the principal manager for The Meadows Center’s operations and programs. She has overseen numerous local, regional, and international projects and has coordinated with governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and environmental groups. Ms. Warren has worked as the Deputy and Operations Director for U4I, as the Policy and Regulatory Coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, as the Assistant Land Steward for the Sycamore Land Trust, and as a Field Botanist with the Army’s Office of the Environment in Indiana. In addition to her work with The Meadows Center, Ms. Warren currently serves as a Program and Management Consultant to the United Nations Development Programme’s Global Medical Waste Project and is the Operations Consultant for U4I. Ms. Warren holds a master’s degree of Science in Environmental Science and a master’s degree in Public Affairs.