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Meadows Fellows

Kelly Albus
Kelly Albus, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor, Biology For Educators
University of North Texas
Mike Abbott
Mike Abbott, Ph.D.
Fellow of the Meadows Center
James Dodson
James Dodson, M.P.A
GroundswellTX, Water and Coastal Resources Management
Mario Garza
Mario Garza, Ph.D.
Principal Founder
Indigenous Cultures Institute
Frederick 'Fritz' Hanselmann
Frederick 'Fritz' Hanselmann, PhD, M.P.A.
Lecturer and Director Underwater Archaeology and Exploration program
Tom Hegemier
Tom Hegemier, P.E., D.WRE, C.F.M.
Senior Project Manager
Doucet and Associates
Chris Horrell
Chris Horrell, Ph.D.
Research Associate
Sharlene Leurig
Sharlene Leurig
Chief Executive Officer
Texas Water Trade
Meredith Miller
Meredith Miller, M.S.
William R. Sinkin Eco Centro
Vanessa Puig-Williams
Vanessa Puig-Williams
Executive Director
Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association
Warren Pulich, Jr., Ph.D.
Warren Pulich, Jr., Ph.D.
Coastal Ecologist
Walter Rast
Walter Rast, Ph.D.
International Watershed Studies
(512) 245-7424
Rudolph Rosen
Rudolph Rosen, Ph.D.
Institute for Water Resources Science and Technology
(512) 671-0054
Carlos Rubinstein
Carlos Rubinstein
Shane Townsend
Shane Townsend, M.U.R.P.
Foreign Service Officer
Office of Agricultural Affairs (USDA), U.S. Embassy – Nairobi
Todd Votteler
Todd Votteler, Ph.D.
Collaborative Water Resolution, LLC
(512) 970-9840
Douglas A. Wierman
Douglas A. Wierman, P.G.
President Blue Creek Consulting, LLC