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History of the Glass-Bottom Boats

Since 1945, the glass-bottom boat tours in San Marcos have given folks of all ages an "in-depth" look at the timeless beauty of the San Marcos river. As the boats glide across the crystal waters of Spring Lake you'll see why ancient peoples revered this place. You'll also see some of the 1,000 springs that form the headwaters of one of the most beautiful rivers in Central Texas; and catch glimpses of the inhabitants here too. Bluegill Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Soft Shell turtles, all call Spring Lake home. Bring the family to share a walk through the grounds and enjoy the natural beauty of Texas Native plants. In the Endangered Species Exhibit you'll see some of the fish and reptiles that make this part of the river a federally declared critical habitat. For families looking for a place to visit to share a love of nature and to teach their kids the value of natural beauty Spring Lake Glass-bottom boat tours are a must see.