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Climate change is inevitable.  Regional and local impacts unknown. At risk:  Texas Water and all who depend upon it for survival.

The warning is clear, but how do we plan for it?  

TUNE IN for ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FORECAST:CLIMATE CHANGE Impacts on TEXAS WATER


This timely conference will take a look at what we know about climate change and what we need to know to prepare for the effects on Texas water availability, and on the communities, both natural and human, that depend on reliable sources of water. 

Over the three days, Forecast: Climate Change impacts on Texas Water 2008, will highlight national climate change scientists who have conducted cutting-edge work in the prediction of global warming and the impending changes on the earth’s climate.  It will also highlight climatologists and scientists who are working to understand what these impacts mean to Texas and our water resources. 

We will examine our current body of knowledge and ask the hard questions: How do Texans address the uncertainties regarding regional and state-wide climate change and associatedimpacts?  With all the progress Texas has made thus far in water resource planning, have we done enough?

What do we currently understand of the vulnerabilities of Texas’ water supplies and the biological systems which depend upon its availability?   What are the agricultural and economic impacts on various regions within the state?  What tools do we need to better understand future impacts?   What actions do we need to take to face the climate change impacts to Texas and to ensure our water’s future?

We invite you to join us in the most comprehensive look yet into climate change and its impacts on Texas water resources.  The future is uncertain - water is at stake.