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Climate Education

The Meadows Center's climate education initiative inspire and educate people of all ages to be literate in climate change and actively engaged as environmental stewards. Our vision is to create a world of climate explorers who understand the problem of human-caused climate change and its effects and are committed to promoting a sustainable and inclusive future.

Participatory Mapping & Citizen Science Workshops for Educators

kids playing in water

Free Workshops Begin Summer 2022!

PMAPS for Texas is inviting educators to join forces with scientists to create projects about air and water quality in our communities. Blending technology, citizen science and hands-on learning, we offer professional development workshops for teachers that are changing how we do science. 

The PMAPS program offers multi-day training workshops, with hands-on in-person and virtual components. Fill out the interest form below to learn more.

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  • Workshops are hands-on and project-based, allowing teachers work in small groups to co-create their own classroom materials with our environmental research team.

    • Most applicable for Teachers grades 7-12;
    • Environmental Science Focus
    • Topics: Air and Water Quality, Human Impacts, Ecosystems, Citizen and Community Science, GIS and Mapping

    Participating educators will have access to:

    • Teacher Incentives (swag bags!)
    • All course materials available online through Canvas
    • Log-ins for PMAPS ArcGIS Online software and training resources
    • Library of Independent Learning Activities and Citizen Science resources
    • Community resource connections through our extensive partner networks and follow-up meetings with the PMAPS research team to support continued learning

Climate Education Field Trips Opportunities at Spring Lake

Register your students for a climate-focused field trip at Spring Lake to explore solutions to climate change! Click on the program you are interested in to learn more about the benefits it can offer your class.

Educator Resources: Climate Science for the Classroom

Download the following free lesson plans and resources for K-12 students. For best results, select “Double-Sided” when printing each resource. These lessons align with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards.

All the Water in the World

Where does water come from? Where does water go? Students will learn that Earth has a limited supply of freshwater compared with all the water in the world.

Grades: 1st - 8th

Weather vs. Climate Hopscotch


In this short activity, students will demonstrate what they know about weather and climate, and the ways in which they are different.

Grades: K - 8th

Food Web Wonders

food web diagram

Students will learn how species interact across a food web and discover how changes to the environment can impact the overall health of an ecosystem.

Grades: 3rd - 8th