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Wetlands Boardwalk

COVID-19 UPDATES: Texas State University has temporarily closed all educational and dive operations at the Meadows Center until further notice. The trails at Spring Lake and the Wetlands Boardwalk are also closed to the public until further notice. More information.

Wetlands Boardwalk

wetlands boardwalk at spring lake

The Wetlands Boardwalk allows visitors to walk through a self-guided trail that explains the effects of exotic and invasive species on the habitat, as well as, offering a close up view of the abundant plant and animal life that thrive here. Wetlands provide many ecological benefits including:

  • habitat for a diverse community of plants and wildlife

  • water purification

  • erosion and sediment control

  • diminished flooding

Did you know?

The Meadows Center offers Guided Wetlands Tour on weekends! Guests will learn all about the "hidden" world of wetlands during this 25-minute tour.