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Brand Guide

Texas Stream Team Brand Guide

These guidelines outline the general rules when using the Texas Stream Team brand assets. Use these best practices, templates and tools to incorporate the brand into your materials. The Meadows Center brand and logos are available on their Brand Guide webpage. Texas State University and Texas State University System logos and marks are available at the Office of University Marketing

If you have any questions or comments please contact Texas Stream Team at

Editorial Style Guide

  • Texas Stream Team should always be written out in full and never shortened to Stream Team or TST.
  • Always refer to Texas Stream Team volunteers and monitors as citizen scientists. (A citizen scientist is anyone who participates in Texas Stream Team who is not a water professional).
  • The first reference of a Texas Stream Team training should always be written out in full. All references following should be shortened to an abbreviation name of the training. The training name is capitalized followed by the lower-cased training. Please follow this chart below:
  • Full Training Name


    Core Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training*

    Core training

    Standard Core Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training

    Standard Core training

    Probe Core Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training

    Probe Core training

    E. coli Bacteria Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training E. coli Bacteria training

    Advanced Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training

    Advanced training
    Riparian Evaluation Citizen Scientist Training

    Riparian Evaluation training

    Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment Citizen Scientist Training

    Macroinvertebrate Bioassessment training

*Core should be used when referring to both Standard and Probe trainings

  • When talking about the different Texas Stream Team kits, training packets, manuals, etc, use the shortened training name followed by the resource. The training name is capitalized followed by the lower-cased resource. Ex: Core kit, Core training packet, Core manual, etc.
  • The first reference of Waterways Dataviewer should always be written out. All references following should be shortened to Dataviewer.
  • Always capitalize the “T” when using our full name, The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. The first mention of our name should read in the following, “The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University”. In all other instances, “the Meadows Center” (with a lowercase "t") will suffice and should be used as an abbreviation where needed..

Please visit Texas State University's editorial style guide for a complete list of editorial guidelines. 

Primary Logo
Primary Logo

Texas Stream Team Logos

Primary Logo

  • Primary logo must appear prominently on all communications materials created or sponsored by Texas Stream Team 
  • The stacked (vertical) version of the logo is preferred for all printed collateral including printed publications, advertising, billboards, posters and flyers
  • The landscape (horizontal) version of the logo should be used when space is not at a premium in a layout, for example, website graphics and banners

Program Logos

  • Texas Stream Team's program logos (Biomonitors, Divers, Paddlers, Anglers and Monofilament Finders) may be used on print or digital materials directly relating to these specific programs

High resolution and eps files for each logo are available to download from the list below:

Brand Fonts

Adobe Garamond Pro Bold or Semibold is the official Texas Stream Team title and header font.

  • Imparts a feeling of history and academia
  • Alternative font is Times

Univers is the official Texas Stream Team copy font.

  • Modern, efficient feel that balances out the more traditional Adobe Garamond Pro
  • Alternative font is Arial
  • Avoid using the 45 Light typeface at very small sizes (i.e., 12px or less)
  • Extremely diverse, efficient and legible, use liberally on websites for paragraph text and primary content

Brand Colors

Use Meadows Blue color for titles and main headings
CMYK: 100, 25, 0, 50
RGB: 0, 84, 129
Hex: 005481
Web accessible: Yes, with white contrast color
Web alternate: N/A

Meadows Teal color is often used for subheads and links
CMYK: 100, 0, 55, 5
RGB: 0, 160, 142
Hex: 00a08e
Web accessible: No
Web alternate: None; not for web use

PMS: Black 7
CMYK: 51, 44, 36, 84
RGB: 54, 53, 52
Hex: 363534
Web accessible: Yes, with white contrast color
Web alternate: N/A