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Bring Texas Stream Team Programs to Your Classroom

Some of our Texas Stream Team citizen scientist groups include teachers and their students. Educators find Texas Stream Team to be a valuable teaching tool that lends itself to cross-disciplinary instruction. By teaching students how to measure what is happening in the environment around them, Texas Stream Team helps teachers effectively present the abstract concepts of biology, chemistry and ecology. With a broader understanding of water quality issues, students are better prepared to understand and participate in local water resource management as well as career development.

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Take Your Students to the Water

Teachers who complete all phases of a Texas Stream Team training have two options for getting their students involved in water and/or environmental monitoring. Students in grades K-12 as well as college students can monitor a body of water under a teacher's supervision with activities based on the educational objectives of the class. A teacher who goes a step further and becomes a certified trainer can then train students (grades 5-12 and college) to become certified monitors. These students can then go on to form groups and monitor their own sites.


TEEAC Credit Trainings

Teachers can receive five credit hours for continuing professional education through the Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee (TEEAC) by participating in training sessions offered by Texas Stream Team. Additionally, teachers can receive three credit hours by attending Texas Stream Team meetings or workshops. Check out our TEEAC training page for more information.