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School Education and Outreach

School Education and Outreach

Enviroscape Presentations

Texas Stream Team participates in watershed education events state-wide for elementary to high school students (1st-12th).

Students will learn:

  • what is a watershed
  • where their drinking water comes from
  • what Texas river basin they live in
  • who is their local river authority
  • what role they play in preventing water pollution
  • what is point source and nonpoint source pollution
  • how they can help protect and conserve the water in their watershed

Environmental Education Outreach

Texas Stream Team happily participates in environmental education events for students and adults. Recently, we partnered with the Wimberley Valley Watershed Association for a hands-on educational event at Jacob's Well. During this event, we introduced dozens of elementary-aged students to the importance of dissolved oxygen in our streams for aquatic life, watersheds and nonpoint source pollution, water quality assessment through our senses, and the natural history of Jacob's Well.

For more information or to schedule your event, e-mail Texas Stream Team at or call toll free (512)245-1346.