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New Monitoring Site Request Form

New Monitoring Site Request Form

To begin monitoring, a Texas Stream Team trained citizen scientists can either reactivate an existing site that is not currently being monitored by looking for sites on the Datamap, or they can request to have a new site created by submitting this form.

If you are part of a group and would like to add a site, please be sure to fill out an updated Group Citizen Scientist Monitoring Plan and submit it below.

Before submitting this form, please review the Site Selection Guide to ensure the proposed site meets all of the qualifications. Once the form is submitted with the new site information, a Texas Stream Team staff member will review it to make sure all of the criteria are met and will send confirmation once the site has been created.

*Please note, one way to find the latitude and longitude is by using Google Earth. Simply add a placemark where you wish to monitor and pull the latitude and longitude directly from the pop up window. Google Earth is a free program that can be downloaded directly from the internet.