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Trainers Forms and Resources

Trainer Forms and Resources (Last updated 01.10.2022)

Resources for current and future Texas Stream Team Trainers. Feel free to click on the collapsible sections below to explore the resources for each training.


Attention Trainers!

We will be slowly transferring over to Online Training Packets (Training Enrollment Form) to help streamline, social distance, and reduce our paper usage. This version will allow for the training packet process to be conducted almost entirely online. Please note the following:

  • Trainers must send their trainees the Training Enrollment Form (TEF) link (located below in Leading a Training > Pre-Training) so they can complete the training packet online. This form will go directly to Texas Stream Team for certification processing. Please be sure to send the trainees the proper information for the training so they can successfully complete the online form (trainer names, date, and training type). If this form is not filled out by the trainee, they will not receive their certificate.

  • Trainers must use the Training Sign-In Sheet (located below in Leading a Training > Pre-Training) at their trainings and send to when complete. To maintain social distance, trainers can take role at trainings. The Training Sign-In Sheet will be used by Texas Stream to validate submitted TEFs.

  • We have updated training packets to adapt to the online TEF, these are now titled "Online Version" and can now be emailed to your trainees before the training. Be sure to still print out the Phase I - III monitoring forms if you are holding the training in person.

  • When using this method, the only documents the Trainer should be submitting to Texas Stream Team is the Training Sign-In Sheet.

Trainer Resources

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