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Become A Texas Stream Team Partner

Organizations partner with Texas Stream Team to grow citizen science activities in their communities. Texas Stream Team partners identify areas of concern, reduce pollution, and provide citizens, industry, and public agencies with the information they need to improve and conserve Texas' natural resources. Texas Stream Team Partnerships solicit public and private entities to help train, equip, manage, and offer general support to the growing number of citizen scientists across the state. Partners include citizens, industries, river authorities, councils of government, water districts, cities, state and federal agencies, educators, private groups and foundations.

Texas Stream Team partnerships help:

  • Support and enhance environmental problem solving in partnership with citizens and public agencies;
  • Develop student interest in math, science, and environmental stewardship;
  • Establish an early warning detection network for potential environmental issues;
  • Encourage pollution reduction and prevention; and
  • Demonstrate local commitment to environmental protection.

Please fill out the information below. After we receive your application, we will contact you to discuss your partnership in detail.

Partnership Benefits

Every business and organization in Texas is encouraged to become a Texas Stream Team Partner. As a Texas Stream Team Partner, you will receive benefits that will help you and your community reach environmental goals and earn recognition for your leadership activities.

These benefits include:

  • Waterways, a quarterly newsletter;
  • Recognition on the Texas Stream Team website and social media;
  • Recognition at Texas Stream Team regional and statewide meetings;
  • Technical assistance and support in implementing citizen science monitoring and education activities such as staff training, curriculum (develop and usage), events (travel reimbursement may be necessary);
  • Outreach materials and content;
  • Supplement professional monitoring resources;
  • Certification as Texas Stream Team citizen scientists, trainers, and quality assurance officers;
  • Customized data reports and datasets through the Waterways Dataviewer;
  • Professional networking opportunities;
  • Watershed protection plan (WPP) stakeholder recruitment, support, coordination, and involvement through monitoring;
  • Implementation of water quality monitoring/improvement plans;
  • Collaborative grant writing and fundraising;

Partnership Requirements

  1. Texas Stream Team is required to provide 40 percent match for 319 Federal funding received by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Every Texas Stream Texas partner is asked to submit quarterly partner activity reports for any Texas Stream Team related activities, such as non-federally funded trainings, travel, staff time, education and outreach events, and supply costs. These reports can be found on our Partners webpage and submitted via our online Partner Activity Report Form.
  2. Partners are strongly encouraged to attend Texas Stream Team partner meetings on an annual basis to stay informed about the most recent program updates.

Types of Partnerships

The different types of Partnerships allow organizations to best use their resources to support citizen scientists. Organizations may become Texas Stream Team partners in the following ways:

  • Patron Partners contribute funds as a one-time contribution or as on-going support to maintain program activities and/or any Texas Stream Team activities within their own membership. These contributions may be used to assist smaller groups, facilitate watershed monitoring efforts, or to fund general Texas Stream Team activities
  • Supporting Partners contribute in-kind services to an existing network of partners and volunteers. These services might include laboratory services, data management resources, and/or organizational staff to provide field or training support. Supporting Partners are independent entities within the overall Texas Stream Team umbrella but may occasionally require financial assistance from Texas Stream Team.
  • Leadership Partners coordinate their own monitoring and education programs using the Texas Stream Team Program’s standardized protocols and environmental education tools. A Leadership Partner may work with a network of Patron and Supporting Partners to support its group. Unlike Patron or Supporting Partners, Leadership Partners are entirely financially self- sufficient in supporting their Texas Stream Team activities. However, Texas Stream Team staff may assist Leadership Partners in writing grants to secure extra funding and loan out training materials whenever necessary.
  • Educational Partners utilize Texas Stream Team’s Education and Outreach materials and curriculum for purposes that may include:
    • Incorporating Texas Stream Team water quality monitoring as part of their educational activities
    • Utilizing Texas Stream Team/environmental educational curriculum, but not necessarily employing active water quality monitoring as part of their educational activities.

Annual Reporting

Texas Stream Team Partners will receive an annual reporting form to document progress toward their environmental and outreach goals.


From the list below, select a partnership level *

Based on the partnership level you chose, please select the type of Texas Stream Team citizen science monitoring and/or environmental education activity your organization wants to support. If these categories do not apply, please write the information that best applies to your organization.

Patron Partner (check all that apply)
Supporting Partner
Leadership Partner
Educational Partner
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If you have any questions about this form or partnerships please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to partnering with you!


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