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E.coli  Training and Monitoring


water quality emblemE. coli monitoring involves performing tests for E. coli which can performed at the same sampling time and location as your monthly Core monitoring. E.coli is measured to determine the relative risk of swimming (contact recreation) in a water body. E. coli is a bacteria that originates from the wastes of warm-blooded animals, and the presence of this bacteria indicates that associated pathogens from waste may be reaching a body of water. Sources of E. coli include inadequately treated sewage, improperly managed animal waste from livestock, pets, aquatic birds and mammals, or failing septic systems.


E. coli Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training

E.coli trainings are conducted in two phases. We ask Texas Stream Team citizen scientists to make a commitment to monitor at least one site monthly for at least one year. E.coli water quality citizen scientists are certified by completing a two phase training. 

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  • While not required, it is recommended that individuals complete either the Standard Core Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training or the Probe Core Water Quality Citizen Scientist Training before taking this training.

  • Phase I of the training is a hands-on instructional session covering nonpoint source pollution and monitoring methods with the assistance of the trainer(s) in a classroom setting.

  • In Phase II, citizen scientists conduct the test and complete the monitoring form without assistance from the trainer(s). When the trainer believes each trainee has successfully completed the two training phases and the training packet is completed, the citizen scientist is then considered a certified Texas Stream Team E. coli Water Quality Citizen Scientist.