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Total Maximum Daily Load

Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Program

A TMDL is a water resource management plan that targets the worst pollutants in a particular stream or body of water. The TMDL program works to improve water quality in impaired or threatened water bodies in Texas. The program is authorized by and created to fulfill the requirements of Section 303 (d) of the federal Clean Water Act.

The goal of a TMDL is to restore the full use of a water body that has limited quality in relation to one or more of its uses. The TMDL defines an environmental target and, based on that target, the state develops an implementation plan to mitigate anthropogenic (human-caused) sources of pollution within the watershed and restore full use of the water body.


Current TMDL Projects:

Gilleland Creek

Guadalupe River

Orange County

Oso Bay/Oso Creek


How Does the Public Participate?

Texas Stream Team citizen scientist and partners, and the general public are encouraged to attend TMDL meetings and make local stakeholders aware of the resources that Texas Stream Team can bring to the table.

To find out more about TMDL project meetings in your area, check the TCEQ website.