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Texas Water Issue Briefs

The Texas Water Issue Briefs give information in regards to water conservation, education and policy issues in Texas.

The objectives of these briefs are as follows:

  1. Provide digestible, unbiased information about complex water issues in Texas to new legislators, decision‐makers, and stakeholders interested in water resource issues.
  2. Provide Meadows website patrons with an up‐to‐date “one‐stop shop” for information about water issues in Texas from variety of credible sources, and 
  3. Translate complex information regarding water policy in Texas for the general public.

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Education & Outreach

National Water Conservation Websites
Defining Environmental Literacy
Formal Water Education in Texas
Policy and Education Driven Water Conservation
Water Reuse Options in Texas
Habitat Conservation to Watershed Protection

Water Governance

2012 Water Plan Strategies and Recommendations
Institutional Actors for Water in Texas
Fracking 101
Drought Policy and Contingency Planning
Non-point Source Pollution and Watershed Management
Flood and Emergency Management
Coastal Water Management in Texas
Agricultural Irrigation Conservation
Groundwater - Surface Water Interactions
Groundwater Rights in Texas
Surface Water Rights in Texas
Economic Impact of Drought in Texas
Energy-Water Nexus

Physical Processes

Environmental Flows
Physical Effects of Drought

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