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Biology Field Lab

Our goal is to rehabilitate aquatic habitats and conduct research used to enhance current conservation efforts.

The Meadows Center’s research staff have directed or assisted in numerous projects involving endangered species including monitoring and assessing the vegetation, invertebrate, and fish communities within the upper San Marcos River and developing instream flow recommendations for fountain darters and Texas Wild Rice utilizing hydraulic modeling data. They have extensive experience in habitat conservation and restoration projects. Staff is highly familiar with regulations and standards associated with research projects involving endangered species and have extensive experience handling protected species, particularly endangered species in the San Marcos River and Comal River. They have considerable experience in sampling aquatic biota using a variety of techniques. Researchers are acutely familiar with aquatic vegetation in the San Marcos River and have knowledge and experience in harvesting, cultivating, and planting of native vegetation for this system. The staff is proficient in analyzing, interpreting, and report preparation with experience in completing a wide range of statistics including multivariate and univariate analyses.


UAS (Unmanned Aerial System)
Habitat Conservation Plan

How can you get involved?

Habitat restoration is a tough job and volunteers are always appreciated. If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact Tom Heard at 512.245.3553 or email