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Environmental Flows

In 2003, the Texas Legislature established the Study Commission on Water for Environmental Flows composed of 15 members charged with:

  • Conducting public hearings and evaluating public policy implications regarding the balance of demands on the state‚Äôs water resources;
  • Assessing the granting of permits for environmental flows;
  • Assessing options available for the protection/preservation/provision of environmental flows; and
  • Assessing allocation options to meet identified environmental water needs. The legislation also called for the Study Commission to appoint a science advisory committee that would serve as impartial advisors and reviewers for the Study Commission.

The Study Commission appointed a Science Advisory Committee in February 2004 to serve as impartial scientific advisors and reviewers.

The Meadows Center was instrumental in efforts to create a consensus between both environmental and development interests in Texas on a regulatory framework for protecting environmental flows. The Study Commission released their interim report to the 79th Legislature in December 2004.



Environmental Flows (PDF, 815 KB)
SB1639 Science Advisory Committee on Evtl Flows : Science Advisory Committee on Envtl Flows (PDF, 3 MB)
Eflows Interim Report : Environmental Flows Interim Report (PDF, 449 KB)
Environmental Flows (PDF, 815 KB)