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Texas Stream Team is committed to helping shape the next generation of environmental stewards. Whether at our headquarters at Spring Lake where 125,000 young people visit each year or in the field with schools, scouts, or other groups, we offer interactive activities that teach participants about the effect of nonpoint source pollution on water for drinking, recreation, fisheries, and wildlife. And we teach them what they can do about it.

Here’s how we can do it together:

As a trained citizen scientist, you will make a difference for our Texas waters.

Our public and private partners trust us - and each other - to share information, resources, expertise, and opportunities.

Your tax-deductible contribution will make things happen for water, from clean ups to research, and more.

Are you a community representative, researcher, rancher, or individual interested in protecting your water? We can help.

For more information about volunteering, partnering, sponsoring, or working with Texas Stream Team, please email us at or call (512) 245-1346.