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  • When selecting a site, consider the following:

    1. Are there previously monitored locations in your area of interest where you could continue previous monitoring efforts? If so, this is a great way to start monitoring at a location where you can already see trends over time using previously collected data.
    2. Is there a site of particular interest to you or your community? Select a site that will provide valuable information to you or your community members.
    3. Is the sampling location a representative location for the water body being assessed? Select a site that is the most representative of the location of interest.
  • In order to enter your water quality information into the statewide database, you will need to formally establish your site. Establishing a new site includes submitting Latitude and Longitude coordinates, a GoogleEarth/Mapquest/Yahoo map, or physical directions to the site. Please submit this information via email to or call 512.245.1346.

    Once a site is established, you will receive a Site ID and Site Description. These are required on all data sheets.

  • Your local Texas Stream Team partner is often a river authority, city department, or watershed planning group. Contact Texas Stream Team for help identifying your local partner.

    Establishing a relationship with your local partner is an important part of your monitoring efforts. Through your partner, you can often obtain replacement equipment, report water quality findings, and become engaged in local water management.

  • Many areas around the state have dedicated groups of monitors that actively collect data on a network of sites. If you would like to identify a group in your area, please contact Texas Stream Team.

  • Often, your local partner will supply you with replacement supplies at no cost. See the partner page to obtain contact information for your partner. Texas Stream Team can also provide supplies at no cost for your monitoring efforts under certain circumstances. Please contact Texas Stream Team directly at 512.245.1346 if you do not have a local partner or are not sure how to proceed.

    To purchase core parameter monitoring equipment, contact LaMotte at 1.800.344.3100. Ordering codes and prices are listed on our Equipment page.

    To purchase Coliscan Easygel E. coli monitoring equipment, visit

  • The monitoring manual and all the other paperwork provided at your training is available for download on our Training page. The manual is available in chapters due to the large file size.

  • A water quality monitor trainer is a certified monitor who has completed the training necessary to lead a TST training session.

    The "trainer's training" involves two phases before leading a monitoring training on your own

    1. Assist - Assisting a Certified Trainer at a monitor training session
    2. Training - Leading a monitor training with the assistance of a Certified Trainer.

    A Certified Quality Assurance (QA) Officer is a certified monitor who has completed the training necessary to lead Texas Stream Team Quality Control (QC) sessions. More information is available on the Quality Assurance Program page.

    The QA Officer training involves two phases

    1. Assist - Assisting a Certified QA Officer at a QC session
    2. Training - Leading a QC session with the assistance of a Certified QA Officer.

    To become a Certified Trainer or a Certified Quality Assurance Officer, contact your local lead partner or contact Texas Stream Team. All training forms are available on our Partner Forms and Resources page. Upcoming training event are announced on the Calendar page.

    Materials needed for Texas Stream Team Certified Trainers and QA Officers are available on the Forms and Resources page:

    1. Texas Stream Team Volunteer Environmental Monitoring Manual 
    2. Monitor training session forms
    3. QC session forms
    4. Trainer’s Manual
    5. QA Officer’s Manual
    6. Trainer’s training forms for Certified Monitors interested in completing Certified
    7. Trainer training
    8. Quality Assurance Officer training forms for Certified monitors interested in completing Certified QA officer training
  • Texas State University

    Texas Stream Team

    601 University Dr

    San Marcos, TX 78666 

  • Contact Texas Stream Team via email at or call 512.245.1346

    Additional information for entering data and FAQs are available here.

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