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Core Water Quality Monitor: Phase I, II, & III

Core Water Quality Monitoring involves performing tests for parameters such as water temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, water clarity, and total depth. Monitors conduct various field observations as well. Trainings are conducted in three phases.

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  • Phase I of the training is a hands-on instructional session covering monitoring methods in a classroom setting. The Certified Trainer explains how to handle the monitoring equipment and demonstrates the tests. The trainees then perform the tests under the close supervision of the Trainer. Adherence to safety and quality control procedures is emphasized. This phase of training takes approximately 3 hours.

  • Phase II training provides the trainees with the opportunity to conduct the monitoring procedures in the field. Safety and quality assurance considerations in monitoring and site selection are emphasized. Whenever possible, the water body used for Phase II testing will be similar to the sites the volunteers will eventually monitor. The volunteers conduct the tests with limited assistance of the Trainer. The Trainer carefully observes the trainees' procedures, answers any questions, and corrects obvious mistakes. Phase II training takes approximately 2 hours.

  • In Phase III training the trainee(s) conduct the tests and completes the monitoring form with little guidance from the Trainer. This session usually takes approximately 2 hours. When the Trainer believes each trainee has successfully completed the three training phases and the training packet is completed and signed, the trainee is then considered a Texas Stream Team Certified Water Quality Monitor.

Advanced Water Quality Monitoring Training (Nonpoint Source Monitoring)

Advanced Water Quality Monitoring involves performing tests for E. coli bacteria, nitrate-nitrogen, orthophosphate, turbidity, and streamflow. The training also follows the three phase learning process outlined in the Core Water Quality Training. Trainings for Advanced Water Quality Monitoring also follow the three phase process.

The Kit

TST kits, supplies, and extra reagents must be ordered through LaMotte by your corresponding Partner organization. Please contact your corresponding partner organization to order a kit or re-stock your supplies.