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Texas Stream Team Dataviewer

Texas Stream Team (TST) Waterways Dataviewer

NOTICE: The old Dataviewer is no longer accessible as of December 2018. Please read below to learn about our new Waterways Dataviewer.

Group leaders: Please let us know which account to set up as a group account. It can be an existing account or a new one. Please note we can only have one account per group set up as a group account. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The former Dataviewer has been split into two components: data entry software (TST Waterways Dataviewer) for those who input data and a public map (Datamap) that displays the locations and data of active and inactive TST sites.

The former Dataviewer site will remain live till December while we complete the transfer of data. If you are a group leader or a citizen scientist that is designated to input data, you should have received an email from Aiqueous with Waterways Dataviewer account activation information. Once you activate your account, please do not enter data in the former Dataviewer. See tutorial here.

If you would like to request an account for the Waterways Dataviewer, please emailing us at

If you do not have an account and wish to view or access TST data, the Datamap has been created for the general public to view active and inactive TST sites and historical data. Links to our partner organizations are also included.

Please note until technical issues are resolved, this Datamap is available for viewing and downloading historical TST data. The data is current through September 2018.

At any time you may request data in a tabular format by emailing Please include the sites or region you are interested in, as well as the relevant time frame. TST will send you a spreadsheet.

For data and sites related to the Colorado River, please refer to the Colorado River Watch Network.

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*This page will be updated regularly as we receive feedback from our citizen scientists and partners. (Last updated January 10, 2018)



New Dataviewer Version 1.0 Release Date May 7, 2018

Original Dataviewer Version 1.0 Release Date April 2, 2012

Please be aware that the original Dataviewer is not compatible with Internet Explorer. Compatible browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.