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Texas Stream Team Partners and Trainers

Texas Stream Team Partners and Trainers

About Our Partners

Texas Stream Team fosters partnerships that help citizen scientists collect and report water quality information, through the Texas Stream Team Partners Program. Public and private entities can train, equip, manage, and offer general support to the growing number of citizen monitors across the state.

Texas Stream Team invites industries, river authorities, regional councils, water districts, cities, state and federal agencies, private groups, and foundations to become partners with the program.

Partners provide support in the following ways:

  1. Lead Partners ensure monitors receive all the resources needed, and coordinate monitoring activities. Lead Partners can fund resources directly, or Texas Stream Team can help form a Partner Network in which several Partners pool resources for their programs.
  2. Patron Partners contribute in-kind services such as trainers, lab services, or data management.
  3. Donor Partners make financial or equipment contributions such as monitoring kits.

Texas Stream Team Partnerships help:

  1. Support and enhance environmental problem solving in partnership with citizens and public agencies.
  2. Develop student interest in math, science, and environmental protection.
  3. Establish communication networks for quickly detecting and reporting water quality problems.
  4. Encourage pollution reduction and prevention.

If you would like to become a partner, download the Partner Info & Form and return the completed forms (instructions included), email or call (512)245-1346.